Strategic Speaker Training Program

Your Spotlight is Waiting - Strategic Speaker Training Program by Ovation is Your Fasttrack to Creating Your Speaker Platform

Rise Up in Ovation with this Powerful 2-Day In-Person Experience.  Not every speaker can command the room and inspire the audience to rise up in ovation. In just 2 days, you will identify your core message, develop your framework to package your brilliance, and position yourself as the authority in your industry. This immersive training experience is for those who are ready to go from zero to pro as a speaker, expand their reach as an industry thought leader, and skyrocket their credibility.

Unlock Your Speaking Potential with the Strategic Speaker Workshop

Introducing the Strategic Speaker workshop by OVATION. This immersive 2-day experience is your gateway to commanding the room with your genius, connecting with your audience more authentically, and creating a unique framework around your professional expertise. Unleash your speaking potential through this transformative program, equipping you with the essential tools to effectively lead, inspire, and captivate. Whether you're aiming to step onto stages, become a thought leader, or enhance your communication skills, this program offers a powerful group dynamic that propels business professionals into confident and impactful speakers. The experience is also ideal for internal training to empower your teams. Get ready to amplify your message, define your voice, and embark on a journey of transformation.

Powerful Presenter Must-Haves

With this interactive workshop experience, you will leave with:

  • Your Heart Story Identified
  • Outline for How to Showcase Your Professional Experience to Encapsulate Your Brilliance
  • Clarity and Organization Around Your Unique Skills into a Framework for You to Teach Others
  • The Groundwork for Your Signature Speech with a Captivating and Compelling Arc

Note: The Strategic Speaker workshop will position you to explore options such as the “Yes, And” Speaker Accelerator Cohort and OVATION Speaker Series coaching program and live recorded event.

Agenda at a Glance


  • A Foundation of “Yes, And”
  • The Mission Behind the Message
  • Epic Speech Writing Skills + A Helping of Humor
  • Story Harvest
  • Narrow the Niche


  • Skill Set Scavenger Hunt
  • Powerful Presenter Presence
  • Step Into the Spotlight
  • Bringing Your “A” Game

LUNCH (and food for your soul) provided both days

Unleash Your Brilliance as a Speaker

Your brilliance is waiting to be unleashed. Learn the key elements that create an authentic, vulnerable, and relevant signature speech that will have your audience rising in ovation and hungry for more. Gain immediate access to “Public Speaking with Improv Insights” online training, and participate in a 2-day group coaching experience in a world-class production environment.

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How do I determine if the Strategic Speaker Workshop is a good fit for me?

The Strategic Speaker Workshop is designed to empower individuals seeking to enhance their public speaking skills and elevate their influence as communicators. To help you decide if this workshop aligns with your goals, consider the following:


Experience Level: Whether you’re a novice or an experienced speaker, this workshop offers valuable insights. It’s suitable for those ready to take their speaking abilities to the next level, connect authentically with audiences, and establish themselves as authorities in their fields.


Objectives: Our workshop aims to help you identify your core message, create a compelling framework for your expertise, and develop your signature speech. You’ll gain clarity, confidence, and the tools to captivate your audience effectively.


Benefits: By participating, you’ll enjoy benefits such as increased confidence in public speaking, a deeper connection with your audience, and the creation of a captivating framework for your professional knowledge.


Participant Profile: This workshop welcomes business professionals, thought leaders, and anyone committed to refining their speaking skills and professional influence. If you’re eager to command the room, connect authentically, and differentiate yourself as a speaker, you’re in the right place.


If these objectives and benefits align with your aspirations, the Strategic Speaker Workshop can be an excellent choice for your personal and professional growth. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions or need further guidance.

What is the time commitment?

This 2-day experience runs from 9:30am – 2:30pm MST each day.  10 hours that are going to shift gears into overdrive for your “what’s next.”

Do you have any incentives if I refer a friend?

Yes! You will receive a $200 check in the mail for each friend you send our way.

What's on the agenda?

Megan’s signature methods include the use of activities and principles from improv comedy. You’ll experience a mix of creativity-spurring exercises and writing techniques as you unlock the elements of what makes your signature deliverable YOURS. It’s a group dynamic with real-time feedback from Megan and your peers.


YOU WILL LEAVE WITH the most powerful pieces to create your programming options with an understanding of how to define your audience and what you want to do for them.  [Speak in front of groups?  Teach companies as a consultant?  1:1 clients for coaching?]  Each of these spaces have endless options, and you will leave this 2-day workshop with a commitment to yourself to USE the things you’ve begun assembling.


Plus – you’ll get to be on a real stage in a world-class studio to increase your confidence and look like a pro to every event you walk into from now on.

How do I prepare for this?

Plan on bringing your laptop/ipad/notebook and anything you use to build your dreams with.

Yes, there is immediate access to Public Speaking with Improv Insights and I encourage you to dive into those vids and training elements, AND, I simply want you to take a bit of time to clear your mind of perceptions and expectations of what you *THINK* you need to do to be “ready.”


Just show up.  Open your mind.  Be ready to work and create in real time. This experience will be tiring AND inspiring.

This sounds AWESOME - but I have another question!

Shoot us an email here.

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