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Welcome to Ovation, a premium speaker platform for high-achieving professionals who are seeking to master the art of communication.  Here, you’ll find exceptional, high-touch speaker coaching, immersive workshops and legendary in-person events.

Your goal is to become a trusted thought leader in your field with a clear, compelling message that inspires others to take action, and we have the framework to get you there.

Ben Ellsworth
Ben Ellsworth
Megan is amazing! The topics she presents, and the way she presents them makes it fun and easy to process and integrate into your life. She’s smart, fun, funny, authentic and genuine! I HIGHLY recommend working with her!
Sara Nelson
Sara Nelson
I got the privilege of hearing Megan present at a conference and it truly set the temperature for the whole event. Not only was she hilarious, she provided practical activities that drew us into introspection and practical takeaways that I have used to relate principles to my own team. She created a space where her story related to elements of public speaking and captivating a crowd in such a relatable way. I adored everything about her talk and would recommend you hear or use her as a coach!!
Sondra Lavoie
Sondra Lavoie
I recently completed "Yes, And" Improv Accelerator Program with Megan. The program has changed the way I approach conversations professionally and personally. The skills that I have gained by taking the program has helped me set healthy boundaries, have tough conversations with positive outcomes, and to know that vulnerability is not a flaw but a way to connect and strengthen relationships. I found the homework engaging, the activities fun, and a lot of good insight on how I use to approach people, which has completely transformed by this program. The person I was when I started the program has no resemblance to the positive and ready to conquer the world person I am after finishing the "Yes, And" Improve Accelerator Program.
Savana Maxon
Savana Maxon
Participating in Megan's Improv Team Culture - Leadership and Business Improv strategic speaking program was an absolute game-changer for me. Megan's unique blend of improv techniques and leadership principles created an immersive learning experience that transcended traditional training methods. From the moment I stepped into the program, I was captivated by Megan's energy and passion for empowering others. Her ability to seamlessly weave together improv exercises with actionable leadership strategies kept me engaged and eager to learn more. One of the most impactful aspects of the program was how Megan fostered a culture of trust and collaboration within the group. Through her guidance, we learned to embrace spontaneity, adapt to change, and communicate effectively under pressure—all essential skills for navigating today's dynamic business landscape. What truly sets Megan's program apart is its practicality. Every exercise and concept she introduced was directly applicable to real-world scenarios. Whether it was improving team dynamics, enhancing public speaking skills, or fostering innovation, Megan's insights resonated deeply and left a lasting impression on me. I left the program feeling inspired, empowered, and equipped with invaluable tools to enhance my leadership abilities and drive positive change within my organization. If you're looking to elevate your team's performance, foster a culture of creativity and collaboration, or simply hone your leadership skills, I wholeheartedly recommend Megan's Improv Team Culture program. It's an investment that will undoubtedly yield tangible results and transform the way you lead and communicate.
Amy Maestas
Amy Maestas
Jeanette was a guest speaker who gave a workshop in communication for our fellowship group that was amazing! It was a great way to have an interactive session that got everyone speaking to each other, and I felt a lot closer to others after watching everyone. Improv was a great way to learn how to interact efficiently with not only our members, but for future use in business interactions.
Abby Butler
Abby Butler
Jeanette worked with our current creative fellowship to work on helping them to communicate about their practice! It was a fun, uplifting and informative experience for everyone involved. We are excited to have her back!
Chelsea Chambers
Chelsea Chambers
An absolutely wonderful experience! Megan is a great teacher and such a fun person to be around!
Boyler Ramstad1768
Boyler Ramstad1768
Most fun I've had all week! Megan makes it look easy while emphasizing consistency and focus in a yes and fun environment.
Louis Katz
Louis Katz
Been meaning to break into public speaking for a year now as a means to reach a bigger audience for my IT services. I expected to learn some tips and tricks at your recent workshop. What I didn't expect was an intense, life changing experience that would have me laughing and crying and everything in between. I'm grateful for the possibilities you raise for the lives you touch.

Take the Stage with Confidence: Ovation Speaker Program for Business Professionals,
Led by Megan McCaleb

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Hi! I'm Megan, Your Speaking Coach

Unlock Your Authentic Voice: Join Megan McCaleb on your transformative speaker journey. As an improv specialist, award-winning author, and experienced public speaker, Megan merges storytelling with practical tools to create meaningful connections with your audience. Discover the power of your personal “Heart Story” and unleash your true voice to make a positive impact. Embrace your uniqueness, prioritize the design of your speaker platform, and embark on a wildly creative journey with Megan as your guide.  To further explore Megan’s expertise in building strong team cultures, visit Improv Team Culture. For more about Megan’s background and insights, visit

Boost Your Confidence and Credibility: Become a Polished and Engaging Presenter

Master The Art of Effective Communication

In our programs, you will learn essential techniques to command the room and connect authentically with your audience. From mastering body language and vocal delivery to structuring your content for maximum impact, you will acquire the skills needed to become a polished presenter.

Develop a Compelling Speaker Identity

We will guide you in crafting a unique framework that encapsulates your expertise and captivates your audience. You will refine your signature speech, uncover your authentic storytelling style, and create a compelling arc that keeps listeners engaged from start to finish. By developing your speaker identity, you will stand out as an engaging presenter with a distinctive voice.

Elevate Your Stage Presence and Impact

Through practical exercises and personalized coaching, we will help you build confidence and refine your stage presence. You will learn techniques to connect emotionally with your audience, effectively handle Q&A sessions, and incorporate impactful visuals to enhance your presentations. By working through the speaker programs by Ovation, you will have the tools and skills to engage, inspire, and leave a lasting impression on any stage.

By following these three steps, our program will transform you into a polished and engaging presenter, equipping you with the necessary skills and confidence to captivate your audience and make a memorable impact with your presentations.

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Speaking Coach Programs & Services:

Strategic Speaker

Unleash Your Speaking Potential with the Strategic Speaker Program: A transformative 2-day immersive workshop that equips business professionals with the essential tools to command the room, connect authentically with their audience, and create a captivating framework around their professional expertise.

"Yes, And" Speaker Accelerator

Ignite Your Speaking Journey with the “Yes, And” Speaker Accelerator: A 12-week program designed to empower aspiring speakers to define their signature speech, develop their speaker platform, and amplify their message on the right stages.  Culminating in the thrilling Captivate event, this immersive program equips you with the skills and confidence to become a captivating, compelling, and trustworthy speaker. Whether you’re a seasoned professional or just starting, our comprehensive training and real-world experience will set you on the path to speaking success. Don’t just dream of commanding the stage; make it a reality with the “Yes, And” Speaker Accelerator.

Presentation Punch-Ups

1:1 Virtual Sessions

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